Uber Service Area

Does Alicante Have Uber?

Uber is an app to call taxi-like cars that will drive you to your destination. It is available in many cities around the world and they offer set prices for the rides, customer support and GPS car location tracking form the app among other advantages. Does Alicante have Uber? No. Uber does not operate in … Read More

Alicante to Madrid

The two cities are separated by 261.6mi (421km). There is a number of ways from traveling from Alicante to Madrid as they both are extremely well connected: train, coach, plane, car or car sharing. Let’s find out the ways of doing the trip. Alicante to Madrid by Train The company that runs the trains in … Read More

Alicante VS Malaga`

Is Alicante Warmer Than Malaga?

When choosing our destination it is important to know what weather to expect. Alicante and Malaga are 293mi (472km) away from each other. Which one is warmer? Malaga is 293mi (472km) south of Alicante. In general, the south of the Mediterranean coast is hotter than the north. Malaga can be hotter than Alicante and Alicante … Read More