Alicante VS Malaga`

Is Alicante Warmer Than Malaga?

When choosing our destination it is important to know what weather to expect. Alicante and Malaga are 293mi (472km) away from each other. Which one is warmer? Malaga is 293mi (472km) south of Alicante. In general, the south of the Mediterranean coast is hotter than the north. Malaga can be hotter than Alicante and Alicante … Read More

Where is Alicante in the map of Spain

Where is Alicante?

Alicante might look like a possible destination for your holidays, business or even your new home. Let’s find out where Alicante is in Europe and within Spain. Where is Alicante? Alicante city is on the southeastern coast of Spain (Europe). It is 260.41 mi (419.1 km) southeast of the Spanish capital city Madrid. It is situated 326.46 mi (525.4 … Read More