Alicante VS Valencia artwork

Alicante or Valencia to Visit and Live

Alicante and Valencia are two extremely different cities in the same Spanish autonomous community or region. Alicante is a medium size pretty beach city while Valencia is the 3rd Spanish city by population within commuting distance of the sea. Alicante is compact -not small- while Valencia is spread out. Alicante province, Costa Blanca, is one … Read More

Santa Faz monastery in Santa Faz pilgrimage day

Santa Faz Pilgrimage Festival

Santa Faz or Holy Face Pilgrimage -or Romería de Santa Faz in Spanish- is a walk between Alicante‘s Cathedral and Santa Faz’s Cathedral to visit a Christian relinquishment. Despite the religious origin, it is a festivity for all to enjoy. The peregrination between Alicante’s Cathedral and Santa Faz Cathedral -7km or 4.3 mi- happens every … Read More

Easter float in Alicante

Easter in Alicante: 2024 Timetables, Tips, Info and Heritage History

Easter is a celebration of religious heritage celebrated in most of the traditionally Christian countries. Alicante‘s traditions of Semana Santa have been deeply rooted in the population for centuries. Alicante’s Easter week sees processions with people dressed in religious attire, carrying Easter floats and brass bands playing traditional religious music. Unlike other places, Easter in … Read More

Languages in Alicante Artwork

Do They Speak English in Alicante?

Alicante is a ~350k people city in Easter Spain, touching the Mediterranean sea. It is a pretty Spanish working city with tourism. In Alicante, -as per the latest data from EF– the level of English is moderate: 546/1000 points. Tourists will find it easy to effectively communicate in English at hotels, restaurants and touristy attractions. … Read More