Languages in Alicante Artwork

Do They Speak English in Alicante?

Alicante is a ~350k people city in Easter Spain, touching the Mediterranean sea. It is a pretty Spanish working city with tourism. In Alicante, -as per the latest data from EF– the level of English is moderate: 546/1000 points. Tourists will find it easy to effectively communicate in English at hotels, restaurants and touristy attractions. … Read More

Port of Alicante from Gran Sool Rooftop Resturant

Is Alicante Worth Visiting? – 10 Reasons Why Yes, It Is

Alicante is a beautiful city in the province with the same name, in south-east Spain. There are many reasons why Alicante is worth visiting: Alicante is worth visiting for its history, heritage, culture, castle, picturesque beauty, mile-long beaches, coves, island, restaurants, contained prices, nightlife, good weather all year around, charming old town, landscape, sunsets, mosaic … Read More