Alicante Carnival – Events, Details & History

Alicante’s Carnival is one of the oldest festivals in Alicante. Thousands of people dress up in costumes during the festival’s different events.

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At Alicante’s Carnival festival thousands of people -of all ages- dress up in costumes to celebrate the beginning of Lent. The main events are Sabado Ramblero (a big party in Rambla) and Entierro de la Sardina (a sardine fish is paraded around the city in a float).

Alicante celebrates Carnival with a full agenda of events.

Dates and Events of Carnival in Alicante in 2024

In 2024, Carnival starts on Thursday 8th of February with “Dijous de Gras y Correfoc” crackers and finishes on Sunday 18th February with “Domingo de Piñata“. The biggest event is “Sabado Ramblero” on Saturday 10th of February.

Thursday 8th of February – Dijous de Gras y Correfoc

  • 20:30: Correfoc – People dressed up as the Devil ran around with fireworks and flares. From Plaza 25 de Mayo to Plaza del Carmen.
  • From 21:00: Concerts and sausage food trucks.
Correfuegos in Carnaval Alicante

Friday 9th of Feburary – Viernes de Pregón

  • 22:30: Music on stage at Plaza del Carmen.
  • 23:00: Pregón. Speech that represents the beginning of the Carnival festival. In Plaza del Carmen.

Saturday 10th of February – Sábado Ramblero

  • Daytime: Family shows with workshops, storytellers and other activities for children.
  • 19:00 to 21:00: Batucada (drums band) in Plaza del Carmen and nearby streets.
  • From 22:00: Dancing music in Rambla for several hours. Main event.

Wednesday 14 of February – Entierro de la Sardina

  • From 21:00: Entierro de la Sardina or Sardine Burial is a parade from Panteón de Quijano to Plaza del Carmen. It announces the end of Carnival with a satirical antiestablishment parade of a Sardine fish’s solemn burial and burn. It happens on Ash Wednesday before Easter.
Sardina Fish burning in burial at Entierro de la Sardina in Alicante

18 of February – Domingo de Piñata

  • Children’s games with piñatas.

What is Carnival

Carnival is a festival where people dress up in costumes. It lasts for about a week but the main celebration happens on Saturday. People usually dress up in a large variety of costumes. The festivity has a general tint of satire and mockery.

The origin of the carnival is pre-Christian and adapted by Christianity as a festivity that announces the beginning of Lent.