Alicante VS Malaga`

Is Alicante Warmer Than Malaga?

When choosing our destination it is important to know what weather to expect. Alicante and Malaga are 293mi (472km) away ...
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Alicante Beach December

Alicante Weather in December

The weather in Alicante in December is usually dry, sunny and a bit warm. The snow NEVER shows up and ...
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Things To Know


How is Halloween in Alicante in 2019?

Halloween is a new tradition in Alicante, Spain, but Todos Los Santos, on the 1st of November, has been around ...
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Monte Tossal Outdoors Swimming Pool

Public Swimming Pools in Alicante

In Alicante, there are a few public founded swimming pools. Those are quite good for doing sport, improve your swimming ...
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Water falling form the tap

Is Tap Water Drinkable in Alicante?

Short answer: yes. You can drink water from the tap anywhere in Spain if it doesn't say not to do ...
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La Albufereta Beach in Alicante. Services, Location & Tips

La Albufereta beach is calm and small situated in between Alicante centre and San Juan. We have consolidated all that ...
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All About Alicante City’s Golf Courses

Green in a Golf Course There are two Golf Courses in Alicante City. I am determined to find out all ...
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Has Alicante Airport Got a Train Station?

Inside of Alicante Airport If you are travelling from or to Alicante Airport you might think that the train is ...
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Uber Service Area

Does Alicante Have Uber?

Uber Service Area Alicante Uber is an app to call taxi-like cars that will drive you to your destination. It ...
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Network Operators

Mobile Phone Networks Operators in Spain

When travelling or moving to a new country it can feel overwhelming getting to know the local brands we need ...
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Few Banks in Spain

Characteristics of Banks in Alicante

All banks around Europe and the western world are very similar but it is a sector where different countries have ...
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