Alicante News – List of News Websites, Newspapers and Solo Sources in 2023

Alicante has a healthy ecosystem of news sources. Some are public, many private but there is always a way to get the most up-to-date news about the city.

Where to find news about Alicante

There are big Spanish media with news sections about Alicante such as El Mundo or El Pais but they are usually not the most interesting sources of information about the city. Other media groups such as (in Spanish) or (in English) have been important news sources in Alicante and Alicante’s province for years.

Getting well informed about any topic is complicated. Being able to catch fake news or political influence in the media is key and hard nowadays. Here is a list of news media, influencers and solo news sources to follow to be up to date. Some are in English but many are in Spanish.

Media Sources in English

There are several blogs and news sites speaking about Alicante that are good news for expects or travellers. The first one to name is going to be the one you are currently reading: Here, we talk about Alicante and the essential knowledge you need to either live or visit the city. Including useful advice.

Alicante News Sites

  • News website, important information affecting Alicante and its province.
  • Euroweeklynews Costa Blanca South: News website with last-minute info affecting the city and the south of Alicante’s province.

Alicante Solo Sources

  • Instagramer mainly posts about Alicante and its province. Good sneaky previews of Alicante.
  • and Pilots couple based in Alicante. Good previews of how is living in Alicante by influencers. A lot of aviation and content from their countries also so you might need to like that bit of their content too. They run some promotions ads every now and then.

Media Sources in Spanish


Alicante News Sites

  • A famous newspaper in Alicante that still runs on paper. Main “traditional” source of information for Alicante and Alicante province. Many articles need a subscription like so many digital newspapers.
  • News page from Alicante’s city hall. Important official news, announcements or promotion from the city hall.
  • a News site that talks about Alicante and the province of Alicante in Costa Blanca.
  • Alicante city and province news. Also, some important national and international events are featured.
  • News channel that includes YouYube video content.
  • News channel centred in Alicante.

Alicante Solo Sources