Alicante VS Valencia artwork

Alicante or Valencia to Visit and Live

Alicante and Valencia are two extremely different cities in the same Spanish autonomous community or region. Alicante is a medium size pretty beach city while Valencia is the 3rd Spanish city by population within commuting distance of the sea. Alicante is compact -not small- while Valencia is spread out. Alicante province, Costa Blanca, is one … Read More

Languages in Alicante Artwork

Do They Speak English in Alicante?

Alicante is a ~350k people city in Easter Spain, touching the Mediterranean sea. It is a pretty Spanish working city with tourism. In Alicante, -as per the latest data from EF– the level of English is moderate: 546/1000 points. Tourists will find it easy to effectively communicate in English at hotels, restaurants and touristy attractions. … Read More