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San Juan Beach in a Winter Dusk

San Juan Beach is a very beautiful, big and comfortable sandy beach in Alicante city. It has all the services and safety features needed on the shore. Year after year, it is awarded the Blue Flag (more of that below). Here is all you need to know.

San Juan Beach is northwest of Alicante’s centre. It is a sandy beach of +3.5mi (6.2km) long and up to 109 yards (100m) wide. In high season, it has services such as toilets/changing rooms, foot showers, access for people with reduced mobility, games for children, beach bars, sports areas, pedal boats and more. The water temperature is 23°C-28°C during the summer.

The beach usually gets very busy at peak time in summer. There is a promenade with tapa restaurants, fast food, corner shops and cocktails bars.

Services at San Juan Beach

Here is the complete list of services at Playa de San Juan:

  • Sunbeds (paid service)
  • Car Park
  • Foot Showers
  • Umbrellas (paid service)
  • Parking (Pais service)
  • First aid and lifeguard
  • Access for people with reduced mobility
  • Pedal boat rental (paid service)
  • Public bathrooms and changing room
  • Games areas for children
  • Fitness equipment
  • Restaurants and beach bars or chiringuitos
  • Nautical activities such SUP, light sailing boat or windsurfing classes and rentals in the summer (Aloha Sports San Juan)
  • Sports areas: volleyball and football

Apart from the pure beach services, there is a large promenade with plenty of restaurants and shops. The Tram Trains and bus stop right next to the beach. There is also a small car parking that gets extremely busy at peak season next to the beach. Near to the beach area are a significant number of parking spots but the closets to the beach get extremely busy in summer.

One of the several children playgrounds at San Juan Beach

A funny fact is San Juan Beach merges with Muchavista Beach. They are two different beaches depending on Alicante (San Juan beach) and El Campello (Muchavista beach). Nevertheless, the change is transparent only noticeable paying attention to beach services such as lifeguards or sunbeds being offered by different companies.

How to Get to San Juan Beach in Alicante?

San Juan beach is situated about 6mi (10km) northwest of Alicante city centre. The address is Avenida De Niza s/n- Playa de San Juan, Alicante. It is easy to go to the beach by public transport (bus/tram), bicycle or car/motorbike as it has parking space.

To San Juan Beach in Alicante by Tram (Public Transport)

The Tram train has several stops around Alicante such as Luceros, Mercado or Alicante University. Some stations and all the trains have a machine where you can buy a ticket using euro cash or card. The price for one way trip from the centre to the beach is 1,45€.

There are 4 Tram lines that get you to the beach:

  • Tram line 1: The destination of this line is Benidorm. The closest stops to San Juan beach are Costa Blanca and Carrabiners.
  • Tram line 3: The destination of this line is El Campello. The closest stops to the beach are, as well, Costa Blanca and Carrabiners.
  • Tram line 4: The destination of this line is Plaza La Coruña. The closest Tram stops to San Juan beach are Avenida Benidorm, Londres and Plaza la Coruña.
  • Tram Line 5: This line is starting at Porta del Mar, on El Postiguet Beach. The destination is Plaza La Coruña. The closest Tram stops to San Juan beach are Avenida Benidorm, Londres and Plaza la Coruña.

To San Juan Beach in Alicante by Bus (Public Transport)

The bus service in Alicante is reliable. The busses are well maintained and all have A/C for cold and hot air. The price of a one-way ticket is 1’45€. There are bundle cards with several trips that can make you save some money. Check Vectalia’s website for more information.

There are 3 bus lines that get you to San Juan beach:

  • 22: You can get the bus from many places along the city centre and stop next to the beach. Check the line’s website for more.
  • 21: This line will stop all around the city centre and next to the beach. Check the line’s page for more information.
  • 21n: The line has fewer stops in the city centre but the same stops at San Juan Beach. It operates at night. Check the line’s page for more information.

How to Get to San Juan Beach Alicante by Car or Motorbike?

The easiest way to go to San Juan beach by car or motorbike is following a GPS nav sat such as Google Maps.

There is free parking right in front of the beach. The lot is separated in two with two different entrances close to each other.

San Juan Beach Parking

The car spots will get extremely busy during the summer and the motorbikes spots will get exactly as occupied. Here are the Google Maps links to the parking entrances:

North parking:

South parking:

Your last best option to park your car or motorbike in the peak session is to keep driving along Avenida Niza (click to open on Maps) as there is a parking space on the left. As well, there is empty land here where people usually park.

If you still need more parking options a drive along Avenida Costa Blanca or Calle de la Pasión might help.

Tips & Recommendations

San Juan beach is one of the best beaches in Alicante city for its size and quality. It is awarded every year with the Blue Flag that ensures high standards of water, sand and services quality. Here are some tips and recommendations to enjoy the beach the most.

Understand the Beach Flags Codes

Every day, the lifeguards will raise flags along the beach to indicate the particularities and safeness of getting into the water at that particular moment. The flags can be updated during the day and follow a code of 3 colours:

  • Green flag: Getting into the water is permitted and safe. Be always cautious.
  • Yellow flag: Getting into the water is permitted with limitations. You should always be able to touch the ground when standing.
  • Red flag: Getting into the water is not permitted.

Some of the reasons why a flag can be changed are weather conditions, the presence of jellyfish and other aquatic animals, issues in the water quality and many more. But don’t worry, most of the time the flags are not green will be due to weather conditions and a green flag means that getting a bath is safe.

Who is San Juan Beach For?

The short answer is that San Juan is for everyone so the public on this beach is very diverse. This is one of the biggest semi-urban beaches in the city. There will be teenagers groups next to retired people. Or young adults next to families with young children. San Juan beach is for all types of public due to its size, connections to other parts of the city and safety.

The waters are usually not the calmest in the city. A soft breeze is common in summer and that can generate some small waves most days. Other smaller beaches such as La Albufereta are usually calmer.

Dress Code in San Juan Beach

San Juan Beach is not a nudist beach. People will wear swimming pants and bikinis of all types. It is common to find women on top-less but no one will be totally naked.


  • The bath area is up to the yellow buoys. Don’t trespass that line.
  • The sun is dangerous, always use sunscreen cream.
  • Keep your stuff safe. Thief operates at the beaches.
  • Drink a lot of water. Remember it will be very hot.
  • Always follow lifeguards mandates.

Enjoy the Views

From Playa de San Juan it is possible to enjoy the sight of part of the north of Costa Blanca. Places like Benidorm and mountains such as El Cabezón de Oro are on sight from the beach.

In clear days, the fine silhouettes of towns such Villajoyosa or Benidorm can be seen, including Benidorm’s island.

Related Questions

Is San Juan Beach clean? Yes. The beach is maintained and cleaned all year round.

Can I drink alcohol on the beach? Drinking alcohol is not permitted on the beach.

Can I smoke on the beach? Smoked is permitted as long as cigar butts are not thrown into the sand.

How can I recognise a lifeguard? Lifeguards in Alicante wear a yellow T-shirt and red trousers and, usually, a red cap. Many times they will have an orange float on their hands.


Victor Sesma is an Alicantinian living in London. He is a Software Engineer who likes writing about the city he was born.