Alicante TRAM – Prices, Timetables, Routes. All You Need to Know

Alicante TRAM is a rail service that connects Alicante city centre with San Juan beach and neighbouring towns such as El Campello, Benidorm and Denia.

Alicante-Luceros Tram Station

The TRAM service operates in underground tunnels in Alicante city centre and overground in the rest of the line. There are 6 TRAM lines split into 3 zones. Prices vary from 1.45€ single ticket for one zone to 3,90€ for single tickets for the 3 zones and the equivalent to 0,76€ to 1.90€ when using the most affordable travel cards. Night services are available on summer weekends at the same price. Frequencies vary per line.

Alicante’s TRAM service is reliable but can be slower than the car at some routes. The service inherit the old “Trenet” rails tracks and the updates from the old network focused on electrification and safety but not speed. Let’s see all you need to use this service, including pricing, routes and schedules.

How to Pay for The TRAM

Alicante’s TRAM has a mixture of fenced underground and unfenced overground stations.

At the underground stations, the tickets must be paid in advance on the machines around the stations and validated at the fence. A travel card is also valid.

TRAM Payments Machine

At overground stations, the payment must be done inside the TRAM train. This is a bit counterintuitive, as the stations don’t have any payment machines available. The payment is done inside the train. The travel cards are also validated on the train.

All payment machines allow for: card payment, cash payment, travel card recharge.


The TRAM train in Alicante has 6 lines:

TRAM LineOriginDestinationMax Single Ticket Fare
L1Alicante Center LucerosBenidorm Intermodal2,80€ (2 zones)
L2Alicante Center LucerosSan Vicente Del Raspeig1,45€ (1 zone)
L3Alicante Center LucerosEl Campello1,45€ (1 zone)
L4Alicante Center LucerosPlaza La Coruña (San Juan)1,45€ (1 zone)
L5Alicante Center Postiguet
/Puerta del Mar
Plaza La Coruña (San Juan)1,45€ (1 zone)
L9BenidormDenia2,80€ (2 zones)
Alicante TRAM Routes and Max Fares

In many of that stations, you can transfer from one line to the other if needed. All trains (except for line L5) stop at Luceros, Mercado and MARQ-Castillo.

There are 3 TRAM zones: A, B and C. And 2 special subzones: T1 and T2, serve as small zones in nearby stops located between the main zones. One zone fare is 1.45€, moving between two zones is 2,80€ and moving 3 zones is 3,90€. More details on prices and fares are down in this article, including return tickets and travel cards.

TRAM Alicante Zones Map

Here is a list of the main routes and the time it takes to complete the trip:

RouteLine(s)ZonesFareTime to Complete
Alicante – Benidorm1A to B2,80€~72 min
Alicante – San Juan Beach1, 4 or 5A1.75€~18 min
Alicante – Calpe1 and 9A to C3,90€~123 min
Alicante – Altea1 and 9A to C3,90€~101 min
Alicante- Campello1 or 3A1.75€~26 min
Alicante – San Vicente2A1.75€~28 min
Alicante TRAM main routes: prices, lines and time


The single ticket price for one zone, such as Alicante-San Juan or Campello, is 1.45€ and the return ticket cost 2,50€.

If you move between 2 zones the price is 2,80€ and 4,80€ for the return ticket.

Moving the 3 zones cost 3,90€ and the fare for the return ticket is 6,65€.

If you are going to use the tram often might be worth getting a travel pass; which is a rechargeable travel card that cost 2€.

The fares go down by more than 45% by paying with a travel card pass. The same travel card pass can be used by more than one person on the same trip.

The prices and fares for the travel card pass vary on the number of bought trips:

10 trips cost 8,00€ in between the same zone (0.80€ per trip), 12,00€ in moving 2 zones (1.20€ per trip) and 20,00€ when moving 3 zones (2€ per trip).

TRAM Train Arriving at the Fabrequer station

30 trips cost 22,80€ (0,76€ per trip), 34,20€ when moving 2 zones (1,14€ per trip) and 3 zones commuting is 57,00€ (1.90€ per trip).

Remember: The same bonus ticket can be used by several people on the same trip.

The travel cards are different depending on if it allows for 1 zone, 2 or 3 zones. As an example, if you have a 1 zone travel card but want to go from Alicante to Benidorm, you will need to buy a ticket at the start of your journey in Alicante.

Here is a fares summary table:

Ticket TypeMoving Between 1 ZoneMoving Between 2 ZonesMoving Between 3 Zone
Single return2,50€4,80€6,65€
10 trips travel card8,00€ (0.8€ per trip)12,00€ (1.2€ per trip)20,00€ (2€ per trip)
30 trips travel card22,80€ (0.76€ per trip)34,20€ (1.14€ per trip)57,00€ (1.90€ per trip)
Tram Alicante Fares

Special Zones T1 and T2

There are a couple of special zones called T1 and T2 that are situated where the TRAM zones switch. So T1 is in between Zone A and Zone B. T2 is between zone B and zone C. When travelling inside the special zones the tram ticket to pay is just for 1 zone.

As an example, a traveller from Calpe to Altea would typically have to pay for a two-zone ticket (C to A). But both TRAM stops are inside the special zone T2. That means travellers from Calpe to Altea would need to pay a ticket fare equivalent to just one TRAM zone.

How to Buy a Travel Pass Card

To buy a Travel Card you need to go to Luceros Station. There is a counter with TRAM’s staff that will facilitate you with the proper travel card for your typical journeys and the first travel pass with 10 or 30 trips.

Once you have a travel card, it can be recharged on the machines at Luceros and Mercado or inside the TRAM trains. The card can be also used on the bus network at the same price.

Other Travel Cards Discounts

There are also travel cards for young and senior people. Talk to the staff at Luceros station on how to get it and to know if you qualify.

The TRAM Trains

Most of the TRAM line is electric. The trains are modern and quiet. All trains have cooling A/C on in summer and heating in winter.

There are no toilets on the trains or stations, so have this in mind when planning a long trip.

The Inside of a TRAM Train

Note the TRAM has buttons inside the trains to ask the driver to stop at the next TRAM stop. This is especially important at slack times as any passenger might have pressed the stop button for the TRAM stop you would like to get off. It behaves in a similar way a bus would do.

Alicante TRAM Schedules and Timetables

The TRAM in Alicante follows a schedule or timetable.

Line 1 and Line 3 Alicante-Benidorm and Alicante-Campello Schedule

Lines 1 and 3 share some of the same stops until Campello so the schedule is offered together.

Alicante to Bendirom and Campello Schedule

Line 1 and Line 3 Benidorm-Alicante and Campello-Alicante Schedule

Benidorm and Campello to Alicante Schedule

Line L2 San Vicente to Alicante Schedule

Alicante to San Vicente Schedule

Line 2 San Vicente to Alicante Schedule

San Vicente to Alicante Schedule

Line 4 Luceros – Plaza la Coruña Schedule

Line 4 Luceros – Plaza la Coruña Schedule

Line 4 Plaza la Coruña – Luceros Schedule

Line 4 Plaza la Coruña – Luceros Schedule

Line 5 Alicante Puerta del Mar (Postiguet) – Plaza la Coruña Schedule

Line 5 Alicante Puerta del Mar (Postiguet) – Plaza la Coruña Schedule

Line 5 Plaza la Coruña – Alicante Puerta del Mar (Postiguet) Schedule

Line 5 Plaza la Coruña – Alicante Puerta del Mar (Postiguet) Schedule

Nigh TRAM Service: El Tramnochador

Every year the TRAM has night service at weekends. The service is called “TRAMnochador”, joining the Spanish word noche or night and TRAM.

In 2022, the Tramnochador operates from the 1st of July to the 27th of August on Fridays and Saturday nights + bank holidays eves. The operating lines are L1, L2, L3 and L4. Here is the official announcement in Spanish.

Tramnochador Lines 1, 3 and 4 Schedule

Tramnochador lines 1, 3 and 4

Tramnochador Lne 2

Tramnochador Line 2

Tramnochador Line 9

Tramnochador Line 9