Rooftops in Alicante – Comprehensive List With Photos [Continously Improved]

Alicante is a pretty city next to the Mediterranean sea. It features a few skyscrapers and buildings with a mix of traditional constructions styles. Some have rooftops bars and restaurants that are certainly worthy to visit.

Are there rooftops bars and restaurants in Alicante? Yes. Alicante has several rooftops and restaurants with incredible views of the sea, the city and the castle. The skyline of Alicante is certainly a must to enjoy as it mixes old traditional constructions with the 70s touristic boom buildings and modern traditional Mediterranean style.

This is the place to find a list of terraces, rooftops and restaurants with views to enjoy in Alicante. It will start small and will grow as I get to visit and discover more places.

Rooftops Bars and Resturants In Alicante

There are many rooftops in Alicante. They are perfect to enjoy the mild warm nights of Alicante summer or the chilled-but-warmish days of Alicante’s winter. Many features outdoors heaters and blankets for brave customers who enjoy winter nights in the open sky. Some other rooftops are indoor cafes or restaurants or are prepared to protect people from the summer sun under their awnings. Other rooftops have perfect views of the sunset.

List of Rooftops In Alicante

Convistas – Gran Sol Alicante Rooftop

A table ready at CONVISTAS rooftop restaurant with views to El Postiguet Beach

Grand Sol Alicante is a skyscraper in the centre of Alicante. It was built in 1971 and it is 96,9 m high which gives it the honour of being the second tallest building in the city of Alicante. The building is a hotel that features a restaurant on the floor 26th, out of the 31 levels the building has. The restaurant CONVISTAS features a view of the city on 360º and offers a selection of Alicantinian cuisine.

The restaurant is indoors but has big windows to enjoy the views. To make it more special, there is also has a balcony to get out that goes around the square-shaped building so you can spot every single bit of Alicante’s skyline, including Castillo de Santa Barbara, Alicante’s port of El Postiguet beach.

Views of the Port of Alicante from CONVISTAS restaurant at Gran Sol
What type of rooftop is CONVISTAS at Gran Sol Alicante?

It is an indoor restaurant and cocktails bar with 360º views of Alicante through big windows and Balcony.

How high is the rooftop restaurant at Gran Sol Alicante?

The rooftop restaurant is situated on the floor 26th.

Is CONVISTAS at Gran Sol good for watching sunsets?

It is perfect for watching the sunset as there is a clear view of the west side of Alicante.

Casanova Restaurant Rooftop Alicante

Views to Santa Barbara castle from Casanova’s rooftops

Casanova restaurant is in an old traditional Alicantinian building. The restaurant is very well decorated in a private style. They offer Italian cuisine and cocktails and have a rooftop on the building’s top floor, a 4th level.

The decoration at the rooftop is well set with nightlights, awnings, sofas, drinks and dinner tables… Depending on the year’s season they have heating and blankets available if it is cold in winter or offer dinners and live music in when it is warm in summer.

The environment is perfect for intimacy with your companion, whether it is one person or a small group. Usually, the music fits on the ambient jazz genre and the decoration makes you feel cosy. The views are to other nearby buildings and to Santa Barbara Castle. The environment created by the decoration and the views of the castle makes it very worthy to visit.

What type of rooftop is Casanova Restaurant?

It is a well-decorated outdoor rooftop with a few awnings for summer days. They serve food and cocktails in summer and only cocktails in winter.

How high is the rooftop at Casanova Restaurante?

It is on the top of a 4th story building.

Rooftop at Hotel Les Monges Palace Boutique Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle views from Les Monges Rooftop

Les Monges is at the heart of Alicante, in the traditional neighbourhood El Barrio. The building is a traditional Alicantinian old edification. The hotel is, of course, for guests but the terrace is open to anyone who would like to buy some drinks from them.

The views at Les Monges rooftop in Alicante are simply outstanding. There are views of Santa Barbara Castle in Alicante, hotel Gran Sol, the co-cathedral of San Nicolas and other buildings at Alicante.

They usually open the terrace on Fridays and Saturdays during winter and in a wider schedule in Summer. The bar is at the reception on the ground floor and you can get your own drinks up to the rooftop.

What type of rooftop is Les Monges in Alicante?

It is an outdoor rooftop with beautiful views of Santa Barbara Castle. They only serve cocktails.

How high is the rooftop at Les Monges in Alicante?

It is the 3rd floor where most of the buildings around are the same height.

Rooftop La Milagrosa in Alicante

Views to Santa Barbara Castle from La Encantada Rooftop in Alicante at a Winter Night

La Milagrosa is a hotel in front of one of the emblematic and oldest churches of Alicante, Basilica of Santa Maria. They open the rooftop to the public and their clients. The building is an old facade with a rebuilt interior so the space is modern with classic style.

The views from La Milagrosa Rooftop are beautiful and classical. Santa Barbara Castle is the main protagonist of the views. From La Milagrosa it is very easy to see “La Cara Del Moro”, the human face that the rocks sculpt in one of the castle facades.

Other beautiful views from La Milagrosa Rooftop is the Basilica of Santa Maria, the oldest church in Alicante and an ancient building built at some point between the XIV and XVI centuries.

Don’t be doomed by all this cultural understanding of the views, the cocktails bar is modern with nice drinks and views, the building is rebuilt and the food is tapas and Spanish style. The area is very close to the city hall and, also, party clubs. Furthermore, They are also ready for the winter with gas heaters.

Another service they offer is breakfast with views to the general public, not only to hotel guests. In this image, there is more info but it is a good idea to contact them before going.

La Encantada Offers breakfast from their Rooftop every day.
What type of rooftop is La Milagrosa in Alicante?

It is a rooftop in a hotel open for the general public. It is a cocktails bar and has some tapas to order.

How high is the rooftop at La Milagrosa in Alicante?

The rooftop is situated on the 4th floor of the building.