Salsa, Bachata and Latin Dance in Alicante

The cultural offer in the city of Alicante is varied and complete. The city appeals to people on all life stages: young students, young-mid age workers, families, the older bellowed… One of the activities that can be done in the city is salsa, bachata and other Latin dance.

Couple Dancing (Image from Freepik)

There are many nightclubs and spots in Alicante to dance salsa, bachata and reggaeton while partying. There are also many ways to learn to dance Salsa, Bachata and other Latin dances such as MeetUp events and dance academies for all ages and vibes. The city features many clubs that play Latin-pop music around the city too (in between other genders). Alicante is lively enough most days all year round but Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are the days when most of the places will be open.

Where to Dance Salsa in Alicante – Salsa Clubs

Let’s start with some places to enjoy dancing salsa and bachata. Some clubs will mix several Latin styles into the same playlist but others will empathise one style over the others depending on the occasion or the particular vibe they have.

Alicante salsa dancing can be practised in any of these places as people are usually open and social. Some clubs might charge an entrance ticket at some times but they are usually free.

These are not the only places where to dance salsa, bachata and other latin music in the city of Alicante so I will update it as soon as I get to know them. It is a good idea to go out and explore!

Alicante has several party kernels. The party area in Alicante where most Latin club concentrate is in Alicante Puerto. That is the Alicante harbour marina party area. But there are other Latin clubs in other parts of the city.

Tumbao Tropical BAR, Puerto & VIP

Tumbao Tropical is a small chain with three different pubs in Alicante. Two are near the commercial centre (Luceros) and the other is in Alicante’s party area at the harbour, with a terrace and views of the docked ships.

Tumbao Tropical Bar

Situated at C. Bailén, 2, 03001. It is close to the party area of Alicante El Barrio and next to La Rambla.

Tumbao Bar At Bailen Street

It is a bar/pub with no terrace where they play Latin music so people and couples can enjoy dancing salsa, bachata or reggaeton.

Tumbao Tropical VIP

This is the furthest to the city centre Tropical pub, nearby Plaza de Toros.

Tumbao VIP Alicante

They also organise events and thematic nights such as rumba nights, ruffles, salsa nights, etc. They announce it on Tumbao VIP Instagram.

Tumbao Tropical Puerto

This is the biggest Tumbao Tropical by far. It is in Alicante’s harbour party area. It has a terrace with views of the docked ships.

Tumbao Tropical Puerto

Tumbao Tropical Puerto works as a significant Latin disco at night. El Puerto is usually open after they close the clubs at El barrio. Also, they organise events and thematic nights too. They announce it in their Tumbao Tropical Puerto Instagram profile.

Ay Candela

Ay Candela plays a mix of Salsa, Bachata an reggaeton. As it is not in the city centre it will get a bit less busy than other places, yet attract people who really enjoy Latin dance.

Situated in the neighbourhood of San Blas, about 30 min away from the city centre, it is a must-go if you really like dancing salsa.

Here is Ay Candela’s Facebook profile even though they are not very active on social networks.

La Vieja Candela

This nightclub is also in Alicante’s Puerto party area:

In La Vieja Candela they have also thematic night events, such as a celebration for Colombia’s independence day or focus on different music styles inside the Latin world, such as salsa or bachata nights.

La Vieja Candela has a Facebook page and a La Vieja Candela Instagram profile.

Bar Coyote

Situated in Alicante’s harbour is Bar Coyote:

They play a mix of Latin music including Salsa and Bachata.

They have a Facebook Bar Coyote page.

Salsa and Bachata Events in Alicante

There are a couple of approaches to learning salsa in Alicante: Meetups and dancing academies.

The first one is more social and less professionalised. It is a more casual approach. In Alicante, there are a few bars and dancing clubs that organise salsa to attract people to their locals.

Also, some of the nightclubs above organic events where teach people how to dance before the night party starts.

Anouki’s Pub

At Anouki’s Pub, they organise salsa lessons events every week at 22:30. The environment is international and the lessons are in English.

The entrance is free but it is a good idea to check out Anouki’s International Pub Events page at first in case of any schedule changes.

Salsa Group at Anouki’s Pub

Alicante Activities Meetup Group

There is another group that organises different event types such as language exchanges, and beach volleyball at San Juan beach in Alicante: Alicante Activities on

They don’t have always a salsa event going on but it is worth checking their meetup page. They post the events also on Alicante Activities on Facebook.

Salsa Lessons and Classes in Alicante

The second option is to learn salsa with more personalised and focussed lessons and classes in a dancing school.

This option is for people who are residents in Alicante for a longer time. There are options for people who want to learn from 0 and also for people who want to take their dancing skills to the next level.

Estudio Alicante

Near by Mercado Central is Estudo Alicante.

They offer salsa and bachata classes. On the Estudio Alicante Instagram, they usually post the schedule they have for the classes. Entry level, mid and advanced. They also have an active Estudio Alicante Facebook page, where they also post their timetable.

Escuela de baile La Terreta

This dancing lessons centre is located next to Alicante train station.

La Terreta dancing lessons offer is a bit bigger than other schools: salsa, bachata, Sevillanas, Latin dance without a partner, Zumba, ballroom dances and even martial arts.

They post more info on the La Terreta dancing school website, on the La Terreta dancing school Facebook page and also on their La Terreta Instagram.

Academia Que Te Mueve Alicante

This dancing school is located in the neighbourhood of San Blas. So Que Te Mueve has more local public.

Que Te Mueve has a good variety of dances and levels: Zumba, twerk, bachata, pilates, salsa…

Que te Mueve academy in Alicante

There are also classes focused on children such as dancing for children such as ballet.

Here is Que Te Mueve dancing school website. They also have Que Te Mueve Facebook page.