Is Tap Water Drinkable in Alicante?

Short answer: yes. You can drink water from the tap anywhere in Spain if it doesn’t say not to do it or in case of rare extreme weather conditions. But let’s going into more details about if is tap water drinkable in Alicante.

Should I Drink Tap Water in Alicante?

Tap water in Alicante is safe and potable. Its quality is regulated by European and Spanish laws as in all European countries. The company that provides the water is called Aguas de Alicante and they have been around in their current legal shape since 1953. They follow all the processes in the regulation. To do so, they are ISO regulated by the relevant standardization norms. They offer the results of the analysis at the bottom of this page.

The places where the water is not drinkable are announced by a “forbidden to drink” sign. This is the Spanish translation of non-drinking water: Agua no potable. Always look for it if you are drinking water from a public space, like a fountain.

In case of rare and extreme weather conditions, some towns and areas might have forbidden the use of tap water for drinking or cooking during a period of time. That is very extreme and unusual and the media will make the population aware of the situation.

Where is the Drinking Water Coming from In Alicante?

Alicante is situated in one of the aridest zones in Spain. Alicantinians have been very imaginative on how to get water since they started living in the area 7000 years ago. Today’s water comes from different sources being:

  • Rivers
  • Subterranean water
  • Seawater after being treated on a desalination plant

All this water is cleaned and treated before coming to your tap. The mix of water is different depending on aspects like the season and the needs of the network. Usually, in summer there is more percentage of water coming from the sea than in winter.

Drinking-Water Flavour in Alicante

The flavour of the water can be very different from one city to another inside Spain. Chances are that it will be very different from your country of origin. One of the reasons for this strong flavour is the different sources of water that reach the tap and the chlorine is used to clean it. The season and the amount of rain on the year will affect the mix. For example, winters waters will have a softer flavour than mid-August liquid.

A local -kind of- popular trick for people who mind the flavour is using a filtering jar like, for example, this one. It will softener the flavour a little bit and remove some of the mineral salts on it.

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I hope I have answered the question Is Tap Water Drinkable in Alicante?. If you have an opinion about water in Alicante or you have any other questions about this topic, please, leave a comment below!


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