La Almadraba Beach – Ultimate Guide With Info, Location & Tips On 2024 ❲Photos❳

La Almadraba Beach is a cute beach in Alicante. It has views of Alicante’s Castle of Santa Barbara from far away, palm trees, a chiringuito in summer and has rocky cove-style area as well as sand.

La Almadraba beach
La Almadraba Beach in Alicante after a few days of heavy rain

The beach la Almadraba is a 750-meter-long sandy beach with a rocky cove area. It has all the services you would need such as lifeguard, sunbeds and foot showers. It is a cute familiar beach with palm trees that is protected from the rough sea. The sand is clean but very compact and hard. There are views of Alicante’s Santa Barbara castle and beautiful sky colours if you stay during the sunset.

The beach is not in Alicante’s centre, it is in between La Albufereta and Cabo de las Huertas but is very well connected by TRAM and bus. If you want to check the other beaches in Alicante here is the complete list.

The Beach

La Albufereta is 750 meters long or half a mile-long beach. It has a mixture of sandy zones and rocky-cove-style areas on the right when looking at the sea.

To the left, another rocky-cove area begins: El Cabo de Las Huertas. To the right, La Albufereta beach is further away after the nautic club Costa Blanca (in Spanish).

This beach is extremely family-friendly. It is not strange to find families and groups of friends with events sheltered having some food and drinks.

Families and groups of friends enjoying together in La Almadraba

The beach itself is good for these social activities as right behind the sand, there are large three areas that swimmers won’t use with their towels. There are also open areas to the left of the beach that are not suitable for sunbathing but they are for a day out with friends and family.

This beach wouldn’t be on my top list if you are visiting Alicante just for a few days. Nevertheless, if you live in the area, then it is worth checking out. It is a cute beach. More info on this article listing all the beaches in Alicante city and raking them.

La Almadraba is a good beach to spend some time at the sunset. Even though there is no direct view of the sun hiding on the horizon the colours are still beautiful to see. There are palm trees around the beach and views of Santa Barbara castle from far away, right in the zone where the sun will disappear from your view. The vibe on the sunsets is calm and relaxed.

During summer they mount a chiringuito to have cocktails and a few tapas are available.

The Sand

The sand at La Almadraba is very clean. But it is black coloured and gets compacted easily after a few people steep on it.

A close look at the sand at La Almadraba Beach

This beach is not the top one on sand. But very enjoyable because of its order attributes such as being cute and calm waters.

If you go for a swim you might find the sand on the sea ground to be a bit muddy.

There is also a rocky area on the right side of the beach.

Services at La Almadraba

The beach has all the top-level services like the other important beaches in the city:

  • Lifeguards and first aid
  • Car parking spaces
  • Children’s playground
  • Foot showers
  • Sunbeds & sun umbrellas
  • Access for people with reduced mobility
  • Public toilets
Public toilets a tLa Almadraba

In summer there is also a chiringuito bar plus some restaurants 5 minutes away. The bus stop is also 5 minutes away and the tram stop is 10 min away.

Flags Colours Code for Swiming Security

All beaches with lifeguards have a flag colour code that everyone should know and observe:

  • Green flag: It is safe and permitted to go for a swim
  • Yellow flag: Getting into the water is permitted with limitations. You should always be able to touch the ground when standing.
  • Red flag: it is forbidden to get into the water

Note that it is not always obvious it is dangerous to go for a swim. For example, there might be jellyfish in the beach area that is not observable at first sight.

How to Get to La Almadraba in Alicante

The beach has many parking spaces, more than others such as El Postiguet or San Juan but gets busy fast during summer and peak hours. Luckily, there are good connections using TRAM and bus, even though they are 5/10 min away instead of being next to the beach like on other beaches in the city.

Bus to La Almadraba Beach

The bus lines going to la Almadraba Beach are:

Click on each of the line names to get into Vectalia’s website (Bus company in Alicante). The closest bus stop to the beach (5 min walk away) is COSTA BLANCA – ADOLFO SUAREZ II.

Buses in Alicante don’t tell the stop you are heading to so better you ask the driver for the stop or use your phone’s GPS with Google Maps. This is the bus stop you need to get off for the beach:

These are lines 22 and 22N to San Juan which stops at La Almadraba:

The bus line 22 in Alicante frequency is:

  • Working days: every 16 min
  • Saturday: 20 min
  • Sunday: 25 min

The bus line 22N in Alicante frequency is:

  • 70 min on winter’s Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays eves
  • 35 min on winter’s Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays eves

And this is the bus line 38:

Bus line 38 from San Vicente and Cabo de Las Huertas San Juan

Remember the bus ticket is 1.45€ which you can pay by card or cash on the bus. There are also travel cards if you commute often.

TRAM Train to la Almadraba Beach

The TRAM train going to La Almadraba is tram line 4 and tram line 5. The tram stop is Sergio Cardell.

Map for tram lines 4 and 5 stopping at Sergio Cardell, 10 min walk to la Almadraba

Sergio Cardell is around a 10-minute walk to la Almadraba so taking the bus might be a better option if you want to walk less.

Cycling to La Almadraba Beach

If you are a bike fan I have bad news for you. There is not an easy connection to La Almadraba Beach for cyclists.

The roads don’t have cycling lines and there are sections where cars go kind of fast. Cycling on the round is permitted if you are brave enough.

Car to La Almadraba

The beach La Almadraba has a car park with more spaces than other beaches. At the same time is one of the beaches worst connected by public transport, probably as bad as the beach in Urbanova.

The difference is that La Almadraba has little car parking compared to Urbanova but La Almadraba is less popular.

The final result is that there will be queues for parking if you go to the beach during summer and peak hours but there are more chances to park next to the beach than in El Postiguet or in San Juan but it will take more time than in Urbanova (click on the beaches names if you want to know more about them).

Who is La Almadraba for?

The beach is for people who value more cosiness and calm water rather than sand quality. At the same time is good if you want to have some extra space in the wider area for parasols or small beach settlers.

La Almadraba after days of heavy rains

Some parts of the bath areas might get underwater mud so you should be okay with that also if you go to La Almadraba.

The public on this beach is usually families that tend to spend hours in the area. Sometimes you can find them having food or drinks together when is not peak season.

Nevertheless, is a good beach to try if you are staying in Alicante for longer periods but not if you are a few days tourist as there are other better beaches to visit in Alicante. This article has a list of all of them.

Related Questions

Is La Almadraba beach clean?

Yes, there are cleaning services operating every night during peak season. Some underwater ground might be a bit muddy.

Is the beach awarded with the blue flag distinction?

No, La Almadraba doesn’t have the quality award for Blue Flag.

Can people with mobility diversity easily move on the beach?

Yes, the beach is adapted for people with mobility diversity.