Alicante Weather in November – Worthy To Visit?

The weather in November in Alicante is one of the factors we need to take into account if we want to visit or to move to the city on that month. Fortunately, the weather in Alicante is privileged and November is a sunny month in the area. Let’s going to jump into more details.

The weather in Alicante in November gives some chances to enjoy the beach.
Photo of Alicante’s urban beach in November

Temperature, it Gets Warm

The average temperature of November in Alicante is 20°C (68°F) in the maximum range and 10°C (50°F) in the minimum. But averages mean that you can get hotter days and colder days. It won’t be rare to enjoy a 25°C (77°F) in the middle of November if you are lucky.

Light Hours

But the temperature is not everything. The rainy season happens right after Summer is over and the Sun usually shines on the sky. Alicante’s weather in November gives an average of 10h of light per day and a whopping 5.8h of direct sun irradiation per day on average to its inhabitants and visitors. To get some context, in a great city like London, UK, November gives 9h of light and only 2.4h of sun irradiation per day in a way colder and wetter weather with a weaker sun as its northern latitude.

Rain, not Really an Issue

Rain is rarely occurring in November. It is still somehow in the high range of the year average with 3.8 days of rain on average. If it is going to rain, there are more chances that it happens in November than in July but chances are still super low. To have some more context, a great city like Manchester, UK, have 14.1 days of rain in November on average.

Hopefully, we have now a better idea of how is the weather in November in Alicante, Spain. If you have any other question that was not answered or you want to share how is the weather where you live and the weather in your dream city, please, use the comments system below.