Uber Does Not Operate in Alicante – Check the Alternative Apps

Map of Uber service Area in Alicante Province
Uber Is Not Available in Alicante

Uber is an app to call taxi-like cars that will drive you to your destination. It is available in many cities around the world and they offer set prices for the rides, customer support and GPS car location tracking from the app among other advantages.

Does Alicante have Uber? Uber does not operate in Alicante. The company has announced the start of its ride operations several times but always got postponed. The only Uber-branded service in Alicante is Uber Eats which is available in cities such as Alicante or Elche but not in Benidorm or Javea.

Despite Uber not being available in Alicante other alternative apps are offering similar services to Uber. Let’s going to find out what they are.


Alternative Apps to Uber in Alicante

Uber does not operate in Alicante but there are other good ride app services operating in the city.

The first alternative is Cabify. It is a direct competition with Uber in many cities around the world. They are more centred in Spain and Latin-American countries than Uber. Cabify has been operating in Alicante for a few years.

The second alternative is PideTaxi. It is an app and website created by the traditional taxi drivers association in Spain and has similar features to Uber and Cabify plus a website.

Alternative To Uber in Alicante: FREE NOW

FREE NOW is a European Uber-like app founded in Hamburg, Germany. It operates in several European cities, including Alicante.

Depending on the city they have different services available (taxis, bikes, etc), in Alicante, you can order two services: Taxi and Lite.

FREE NOW App In Alicante

Ordering a taxi you get a range of prices the ride will cost you. On the other hand, ordering the service “Lite” has a maximum set price.

On Taxi services, you can pay by cash (in Euros), by card in the Taxi or using the App. The Lite service allows only payments through the FREE NOW app.

FREE NOW has an app for Android (click to download) and an App for iPhones (click to download).

Here are some common rides and their prices:

OriginDestinationPrice in € (Taxi/Lite)
Alicante Renfe Train StationAlicante Airport17-27/19.55
Alicante LucerosSan Juan Beach15-18/16.92
Alicante AirportBenidormNot Available
Alicante Renfe Train StationCalpe82-100/90.53
Alicante RamblaMARQ Museum7-8/7.78
Alicante Renfe Train StationSanta Barbara Castle8-10/9.67
Alicante LucerosUniversidad de Alicante10-13/12.01
FREE NOW Prices on Common rides

Alternative To Uber in Alicante: Cabify

Cabify is an app that you can install on your Android or iPhone device to book transport services by car. The service payment will be done automatically in-app by debit/credit card (including American Express and Diners Club) or PayPal.

The Uber-like service Cabify in Alicante also allows booking a traditional white taxi with a fixed price from the app.

Once registered in the app you can book a car for now or book it for a different time. Cabify offer different services in Alicante but they change over time:

  • Cabify: traditional 5-seater from Cabify vehicle to get you to your destination
  • ASAP: traditional 5-seater vehicle from either Cabify or traditional white Taxi, whichever is available first
  • Taxi Fixed Price: Get a traditional cab instead of a Cabify branded car with a fixed price for the service
  • Car Delivery: move your shipments in the trunk of the vehicle without you having to travel
  • Kids: 5-seater cars with adapted seats for children.
  • Cabify Corp: Higher-end corporate vehicles
Cabify Services in Alicante

The app gives you an estimate of the price of your ride before booking the car. Prices will change at peak/off-peak times but here are some guide fees:

Alicante AirportAlicante Renfe~25€
Alicante AirportBenidorm~90€
AlicanteSan Juan Beach~35€
Common journeys fees for Cabify (approximate)

Here is the complete list of Cabify’s services and fares.

Hint: Traditional taxis are usually cheaper than Cabify in Alicante.

Hint 2: Some people report issues activating Cabify with no Spanish numbers. If this is your case, use PideTaxi for now and get a Spanish number if you are staying longer.

It Is Also Possible to Book a Cabify. Here Are the Fares

Place of BookingExtra Fee
Pueblos Alicantinos30€
Alicante Airport20€
San Juan Beach20€
Extras Fees When Booking a Cabify in Advance

Alternative To Uber in Alicante: Traditional Taxi Using PideTaxi App

The second option is to use the PideTaxi website or their app on Android or iPhone. The use of the app is very similar to Uber and Cabify. After installing the app you can book and pay for cabs from your phone, get an estimated price of the ride and schedule a pick-up at a different time or day.

PideTaxi App

The payment method in the PideTaxi app is card or cash. The fare will be deducted automatically from your credit or debit card if you choose the app option.

If you decide to pay by cash the driver will accept the money from you. Remember Spain uses Euros. Also know that, by law, all cabs must allow card payments.

If you are planning to go from Alicante or Alicante Airport to Benidorm here is a complete guide on prices and options.

Prices are government-regulated, here is a list of guide prices for common destinations:

Alicante RenfeAlicante Airport~22€
Alicante RenfeBenidorm~67€
Alicante RenfeSan Juan Beach~19€
Alicante RenfeCalpe~97€
Common Taxi journeys fees (approximate)

* The cabs in Alicante Airport can be booked using Radio Taxi Elche or PideTaxi apps. Note taxis are organised in different associations depending on the city where they operate. Alicante Airport is in Elche’s municipality so taxis starting a ride from the airport are from the company Radio Taxi Elche instead of Radio Tele Taxi Alicante.

The airport has usually many taxis waiting for clients so it should be easy to get one. All the rides starting at the airport have an extra charge of 4.25€. More info on Alicante Airport Aena’s website. If you still want to use an app from Alicante Airport you can use Radio Taxi Elche or PideTaxi apps. Both apps’ usage is very similar the features are the same.

PideTaxi is also available in the city of Benidorm. Here is how to go from Alicante and Alicante airport to Benidorm; including taxi, Cabify, TRAM train and more.

Alicante Aiport Transfers

Sadly, the apps are not the best option to transfer from Alicante Airport. For example, Cabify allows you to select a pickup point at Alicante airport but does not allow you to confirm the booking.

The best option for transfer to Alicante’s city centre from the Airport is to use the 24/7 Alicante Aiport C6 Bus or get a taxi from the departures floor.

If your transfer is longer, for example, Alicante Aiport to Benidorm, you can book a taxi using the taxis website or using a transfer service such as the following for around 80€:

The cab driver will wait for you at the arrival doors at the airport with your name written on a little board for easy recognition. The service can be booked with a driver speaking Spanish or English.

Yes, Cabify and other apps are legal in Alicante because they use legal company structures.

Cabify is a company that matches clients with drivers. In Alicante, cars are owned by a third-party company that hires drivers. This company owns what is called VTC licences. It stands for Vehículos de Turismo con Conductor or Tourist Vehicles with Driver.

VTC’s are different from taxis in their regulation. For example, they can pick up people only if the service has been booked in advance. There are fewer VTC licences than taxi licences.

Taxi drivers have been, traditionally, trying to beat Cabify, Uber and the VTC companies all around Spain. They have denounced the companies in the courts, created demonstrations so the government change the laws and launched advertising campaigns in the media to stop the apps.

After seeing their efforts didn’t stop these taxi apps they have decided to work together with Cabify. The partnerships allow booking a traditional taxi service using the Cabify app with a fixed price.

Cabify Gives You Water and Plays The Music You Want to Listen to

As a way to differentiate from the competency, Cabify cars are usually clean and the colour is usually black. The driver will usually dress smart. They give you a small bottle of water and ask you what music you want to listen to before starting the trip.

History of Uber in Alicante

Uber has been targeting Alicante for a long time. In February 2019 they were planning to offer UberX with VTCs, as Cabify is doing.

The taxi lobby in Catalonia started striking so the government changed a few laws that would make Uber illegal. Most of the regulations for the taxis and VTC are controlled by the Spanish autonomous communities and the head of Comunidad Valenciana announced some regulatory changes.

As Uber wasn’t still deployed in Alicante yet so they decided to postpone the launch of UberX. They were almost ready and they drew on Uber’s website the area of service in Alicante province and Costa Blanca.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a food delivery service that operates in Alicante. The app has a list of restaurants and dishes. You can select all the food you want from the app and pay for it.

The app Uber Eats will show you the status of your order, such as preparing food at the restaurant with an estimated time of arrival.

When the courier is on the way you can see the exact location on the map. Some more information like his/her name, the car/motorbike/bike she/he is driving, the review stars other users gave to the driver and a button to make a call are available as well. At the end of the booking, you can make and leave a review as well.

Related Questions

Is Cabify cheaper than a taxi?

Depending on the route and peak/not peak time taxis can be cheaper than Cabify. It is a good idea to check both apps before taking your ride.

Is the bottle of water in Cabify free?

Cabify doesn’t charge anything extra if you decide to drink or take your bottle of water.

Will Uber be available in Alicante in the future?

The company has shown its intention of offering the rides service in Alicante several times. Chances are that they will offer the service when regulation settles.

Can I book a white taxi using an app?

Yes. Cabify allows booking a white traditional taxi using their app and with a fixed price.
PideTaxi allows booking a white traditional taxi at an open price.