How Long Is the Flight to Alicante

Flight times can vary depending on the weather conditions and distance between the cities. A flight from London to Alicante is around 2h 30m long. From Alicante to Barcelona 1h 10m. Let’s going to see the times for the most popular routes.

Planes traffic From and To Alicante Airport
Air Traffic To/From Alicante Airport

Flying can be time-consuming but, if you are in Europe, we have the privilege of the distances being relatively short. The most common Ryanair plane is the Boeing 737-800 and it has a cursing speed of 495mi/h (796km/h or 430kt). That is the approx distance between London and Prague covered in 1h at cruise speed. As well, most of the other airlines will use planes with a very similar cursing speed.

If you are thinking about how to go to Alicante from a far origin the plane will be your quickest way as the city is on the East of Spain. Anyhow, Alicante is a well-connected city so you can travel by road (car, bus, caravan…), plane, or bout.

So here is how long will take you flying from Alicante to its most popular routes.

Flight Duration to Alicante

Airport Of OriginDistanceDuration
London Gatwick, UK to Alicante1,252.6mi (2,015.8km)2h 30m
Manchester, UK to Alicante1,464.0mi (2,356km)2h 50m
Madrid, Spain to Alicante261.6mi (421.1km)1h 10m
Barcelona, Spain to Alicante208.1mi (539.2km)1h 10m
Palma, Spain to Alicante213.13mi (343.0km)1h 10m
Amsterdam, Netherlands to Alc1277.2mi (2,055.5km)2h 40m
Brussels, Belgium to Alicante1153.9mi (1,857.1km)2h 25m
Birmingham, UK to Alicante1,381.9mi (2,223.9km)2h 40m
Nottingham, UK to Alicante1,253.8mi (2,017.7km)2h 40m
Bristol, UK to Alicante1,363.1mi (2,193.6km)2h 30m

I hope you have now a better idea of how long takes to flight to Alicante from a number of airports. If you want more airports to be added to the list or have any other question, please, use the comments below!


Victor Sesma is an Alicantinian living in London. He is a Software Engineer who likes writing about the city he was born.