Alicante Coach/Bus Station: Location, Tickets, Routes, Fares ❲Ultimate Guide❳

Alicante Couch Station Routes Map
Alicante Coach Station Routes Map

The coach or bus station in Alicante offers national and international routes to more than 200 destinations. Where can I buy tickets? What destinations and routes are available?

Alicante’s Coach Station is located at Lugar Muelle de Poniente sn – 03003. Alicante. It has more than 200 national and international routes offered by more than 15 companies. It is open 24h. There are several ways to buy bus tickets:

  • Using the coach operator website itself, such as
  • Using a routes comparison tool such as
  • Book at the booking machine at the station
  • Buying the tickets from the teller at the station

The coach station is a modern and relatively new building. Some coach operators have automatic machines or counters to buy the tickets inside the station but other operators allow only online purchases. If you want to know more about the bus service in Alicante check the article by clicking this sentence.

Detailed Information About Tickets Booking, Fares and Routes

The station is located near the motorway exit, which makes the routes faster. At the same time, it is near the city centre, the train station and the Tram station (around 15 min walk).

It operates many national and international routes including towns in Costa Blanca and countries across Europe and Africa.

There is a taxi stop in front of the station. There are usually taxi drivers waiting to offer rides to travellers at any time. In the event of taxis not being available, another option is to use the Spanish Uber-like app called Cabify, or the traditional taxi app called PideTaxi.

The easiest way to check if the coach route you are looking for is available and buy the tickets is to use a comparison tool such as This website will show the results for three of the main coach operators in the station: Alsa, Subus and Lycar. The tickets to Benidorm, Murcia, Elche, Valencia or Malaga can be bought there.

The biggest operator in the station, Alsa, has a website where you can search for routes and buy tickets as well. Prices will match the ones found at

The following table is a listing of a few main routes, fares and alternative transport if any:

DestinationCoach FareTimeAlternative Transport
Benidorm*4.80€-6.10€0:45h-1:30hTram Train
Valencia21.65€-26.05€2:25h-5:00hRenfe Train
Murcia6.35€-7.63€1:00h-2h:30Renfe Train
Denia11.80€1:30h-3:30hTram Train
Santa Pola1.50€-2.45€0:35h-0:55hNo
Elche2.30€-2.50€0:45h-1:00hRenfe Train
Madrid19:35€-47.83€4:50h-5:05hRenfe Train (AVE), Plane
Barcelona48.30€7:15h-9:25hRenfe Train, Plane
Routes prices and trip durations

* A full guide on how to go to Benidorm from Alicante by clicking on this link.

** If your route is Alicante-Torrevieja the tickets can only be bought at the operator’s website:

Services At Alicante Bus Station

There are a number of services offered at Alicante’s coach station. Some of them might be useful even if you are not travelling by bus:

  • Left-luggage office: It is possible to rent left-luggage lockers. You can take the key and pay at the information counter. If it is late and the counter is closed it is possible to ask the security guard. It is open 24h. Depending on the luggage size prices vary from 3.30€ to 5,50€ per day. You don’t need to be a passenger to use the luggage storage.
  • Coffee shop: On the first floor there is a coffee shop. You can buy coffee, tapas, bocadillos (typical Spanish sandwiches made with French baguette), lunch dishes, beer and soft drinks.
  • Public toilets: As is expected from a coach station there are public toilets that are free to use.
  • Vending machines: There are a few vending machines in the station that sell water and soft drinks.
  • Taxi stop: At the entrance, there is a taxi stop where to get a taxi if you are leaving the station.
Taxi Stop at Alicante Coach Station
  • Pick-up/drop-off parking: At the entrance, there is a parking designated area for cars or motorbikes that are picking up or dropping off coach passengers.
  • Seats/Resting area: Inside the station, there are some seats and spaces where you can wait for your coach.
Left luggage at Alicante Bus/Coach station

How to Get to Alicante Coach Station

There are a number of ways to get to the bus station by private or public transport depending on where are you coming from. The address of the Alicante Bus Station is: Muelle de Pte., s/n, 03003 Alicante

Alicante Coach Station

How to Get to Alicante Coach-Bus Station from Alicante Airport

There are two ways to get from or from the airport to the coach station: Taxi/Cabify or the Alicante airport bus line C6. Cabify is a taxi alternative, similar to Uber. You can download the app from your phone’s store.

The taxis can be found at the doors of both the airport and the coach station. The bus line is called C-6. This article explains how to get from Alicante Airport to the city centre. The same bus, line C-6, has a stop at the coach station.

How to Get to Alicante Coach-Bus Station By Bus

There are several bus lines stopping at Alicante Coach Station:

C6 Alicante Airport Bus, 06 to Juan XII, 24 to San Vicente and the Tuiristic Bus Alicante.

How to Get to Alicante Coach-Bus Station From the AVE/Train Station

The train station in Alicante is less than a mile away (1.6km) from the coach station and it is downhill. If you prefer not to walk, bus line 06 will take you to the coach station.

How to Get to Alicante Coach-Bus Station From the TRAM Station

The Tram station is a bit further from the coach station. The path is downhill and should take you ~15 minutes to complete. The distance is 0.8 mi (1.3km) If you prefer to get there by public transport bus line 06 will drop you at the coach station.

How to Get to Alicante Coach-Bus Station by Private Car

The easiest way to reach the station is using a satnav such as Google Maps. The station is at Muelle de Pte., s/n, 03003 Alicante.

It is situated near the harbour, 1 mi (1.5km) away from the beach El Postiguet direction to the airport. There are some parking spots where you can drop off or pick up passengers. If you need to leave the car there are several on-street parking areas where paying a fee might be necessary. There is some indoor public parking in the area.

Where can I buy the bus tickets for Alicante Bus Station?

The easiest way is using a routes comparison tool such as

Is the bus the cheapest way to travel from Alicante?

The coach is usually the cheapest way to travel. Depending on when and where you need to go the train or plane might be a better option. Always compare the prices before purchasing.

Where can I see departure/arrival times?

The station has screens with the arrival/departure times. You can use their website (only in Spanish) to check arrival and departure times from a particular city.

I need more information. Who can I contact at the information desk?

You can call the station by phone: +34 965 13 07 00, write them an email: or use the online form at their website: