February in Alicante: Weather Insights and Travel Guide

Alicante is a pretty city in the southeast of Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its mild winters and hot summers. February is not an exception with more than 23 days of full sunshine.

Alicante sunset from La Ereta Park

February in Alicante is the coldest month of the year with a high average temperature of 17.6°C (°F) and a low average of 17.6°C (°F). The sea temperature in Alicante in January is 14.1°C (°F). Sunshine in February averages 23.1 days with only 3 days of rain on average. It never snows. February is just less than 0.5°C (°F) colder than January on average. (This data is from the Aemet page for Alicante in Spanish)

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Alicante is a good winter break destination in February. The winter temperatures are mild, there are high chances of enjoying sunny days, and the city is superb in food, nightlife and charming beauty. Alicante city will surely delight the visitor with open beaches all year round, perfect for sunbathing on warm mornings.

How does Alicante’s Weather in February Compare With Other Cities in Spain?

CityMin Average
[°C (°F)]
Max Average
[°C (°F)]
Sea Temperature
[°C (°F)]
Rain daysDaylight HoursUnder 0°C/32°F Days
Alicante7.1 (44.78)17.6 (63.68)14.1 (57.38)
Malaga8.2 (46.76)17.7 (63.86)15.6 (60.08)4.810.90.1
Tenerife15.3 (59.54)21.2 (70.16)19.3 (66.74)3.811.20
Lanzarote14.3 (57.74)21.3 (70.34)2.711.20
Barcelona5.7 (42.26)12.5 (54.5)13.1 (55.58)4.310.61.6
Palma de Mallorca8.4 (47.12)15.5 (59.9)13.9 (57.02)5.610.70
Data from Aemet (in Spanish) and weather-athlas.com

The Sea Temperature in February

The average water temperature in February in Alicante is 14.1°C (57.38°F). February is the coldest month in the water temperature in Alicante -after January- for a tinny difference of less than one degree Celsius.

The beaches in Alicante are open all year round but some services might be closed. For example, lifeguard and first aid services are closed during winter. The sunbeds are closed too but you can still sunbathe in your towel on the warmest mornings of December.

Is Alicante Worth Visiting in February?

Alicante is worth a visit in February. Even though it might be a bit cold for most people to go for a swim you can still enjoy walks on the beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage.

The city of Alicante is a Spanish city for working people that happens to be quite pretty and charming so tourists enjoy visiting. Alicante in February is vivid with people and tourists. Most of the cultural activities you can do in summer are open in winter.

There is also a vibrant nightlife scene in Alicante with different types of clubs for different music tastes, such as dance, commercial, Latin music -including reggaeton-… as well as clubs with live music.

There are 3 separate party areas: El Barrio, El Puerto, Castaños and San Juan Playa (less busy during winter). El Barrio and Castaños are close to each other so you can check out both places.

Also, in Castaños, the party usually starts in the evening and then keeps going until the night. Remember Spaniards tend to go party late. It is usual to meet your friends at 12 pm to then enter a club.

What to do in Alicante in February?

Carnival can be celebrated in February or March depending on the year. In 2024, Carnival is celebrated on the 11th of February in Alicante and the rest of Spain.

Get to Know the City in a Walking Tour

Tours are always a very good way to get a sense of the soul of a city. Alicante’s tour will teach you history, culture and gastronomy.

What Else to Do In Alicante in February

Here are a few more examples of things you can do in Alicante during February:

The Weather In January and Other Months

In general, winters are generally dry and sunny with some episodes of rain for just a few days.

Here is an article that explains the winter weather in Alicante.

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