Alicante Weather in March – Worth Visiting?

March is the month that marks the end of the astronomic winter. In Alicante, the winter feels already far in time already.

Santa Barbara Castle Alicante from the Port

The weather in Alicante during March is mild and warm averaging between a maximum of 19.6°C (67.28°F) and a minimum of 8.9°C (48.02°F). It rains only an average of 3.4 days with just 23mm of rain. Days start being long with an average of 11 hours and 58 minutes of sunlight. The average sea temperature is 14.5°C (58.1°F) which is already warmer than February (data from Aemet -in Spanish- and

March is the beginning of spring but the winter feels long gone in Alicante. The city is vivid and pretty, and longer days allow for enjoying its beaches, monuments -such as Santa Barbara Castle– and museums as examples.

Weather –

How does Alicante’s Weather in March Compare With Other Cities in Spain?

CityMin Average
[°C (°F)]
Max Average
[°C (°F)]
Sea Temperature
[°C (°F)]
Rain daysDaylight HoursUnder 0°C/32°F Days
Alicante8.9 (48.02)19.6 (67.28)14.5 (58.1)3.411:580
Malaga9.8 (49.64)19.6 (67.28)15.6 (60.08)4.011:590
Tenerife15.9 (60.62)22.1 (69.98)19.3 (66.74)3.812:010
Lanzarote15.0 (59)22.9 (73.22)2.412:010
Barcelona7.6 (45.68)15.2 (59.36)13.3 (55.94)5.111:580
Palma de Mallorca9.6 (49.28)17.2 (62.96)14.1 (57.38)4.511:580
Data from Aemet (in Spanish) and

The Sea Temperature in March

The average sea temperature in March in Alicante is 14.5°C (58.1°F). This temperature is the same as in January and it is the second coldest on average.

This temperature will be uncomfortable for most people. March is a good month to lay on one of the beaches in Alicante but not so good to go for a swim if you are not used to cold waters.

Also, services such as lifeguards are available during the easter holidays. This means, that only if Easter is at the end of March -during the festivity period- will be a lifeguard and other services available on the beaches.

Is Alicante Worth Visiting in March?

Short answer: yes, Alicante is worth visiting in March.

March marks the end of the winter but the -possibly- “cold” January days are a long time gone. Also, the weather in March in Alicante is dry so it probably won’t rain during your visit.

Urbanova Beach‘s Promenade at a Warm Night in March

The days have already an average of +12 hours of light which makes it very easy to enjoy the good weather. For example, Santa Barbara Castle changed its schedule in March opening until 20:00.

Alicante is a Spanish working city that happens to be cute, beautiful and light. The city doesn’t stop in winter and the buzz of Easter and spring impregnates everywhere.

If you like to enjoy the nightlife Alicante got you too. There is a variety of clubs and party areas: El Barrio, Castaños, El Puerto and San Juan Playa (less busy than in summer). All 4 places have a variety of music, from Latin music and Reaggeton to techno, pop, and international.

In the area of Castaños, there is a party Alicantinan called Tardeo. And means start drinking/partying in the evening, around 5/6 pm. In contrast, the Spanish usually party very late, normally meeting their friends at 12pm to go clubbing.

What to do in Alicante in March?

Alicante is a vivid city during March with plenty of things to do.

Get to Know Alicante’s Culture, Gastronomy and Monuments in a Walking Tour

Tours are a perfect way to get to know the soul of a city. Whether you are on a short stay or living in Alicante a tour where you learn about Alicante is almost a mandatory activity to do.

What Else to Do In Alicante in March

The Weather in February, April and Other Months

March is the end of the astronomic winter in the northern hemisphere. Alicante’s winters are usually warm and dry with very few days of rain and cold but never with snow.

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